iQ-VIEW incl. iQ-LITE 3.1.9

Get your iQ-VIEW Evaluation Version incl. iQ-LITE

Please be advised that our product, iQ-VIEW 3.0 (including iQ-VIEW/PRO 3.0.0, meddix VIEW/PRO 3.0.0, iQ-LITE 3.0.0, and meddix LITE 3.0.0), will reach its product discontinuation date on October 15, 2024.


:arrow: When installing iQ-VIEW 4.0, iQ-3D is no longer part of the installation package. Please follow the separate iQ-3D instructions:

1. Download the iQ-3D 64-bit version zip file.

2. Extract it to a separate folder in the iQ-VIEW installation folder.

3. Name the folder "3D".

The viewer will be automatically detected and ready to use.

:arrow: When installing iQ-VIEW 4.0, your customers may experience connectivity issues with their existing Radiology Information System (RIS). This is because iQ-VIEW now runs as a 64-bit application and is therefore installed on a different path.

The evaluation version of iQ-VIEW is limited in time and runs 15 days as a PRO evaluation version and afterwards additional 15 days as a BASIC evaluation version. The evaluation version is not a medical device and shall not be used for diagnostic purposes.

The installation package includes the iQ-VIEW radiology workstation, including the iQ-LITE media viewer. If you want to use the iQ-3D 64-bit version you have to download the installation package and deploy it manually on your system. Also iQ-3D is available for a 30 day trial period.

Note: The versions usually also function as an update from previous versions of iQ-VIEW and iQ-VIEW PRO. Refer to the version information in case that specific limitations apply. Keep in mind that the previously installed licenses will become invalid and have to be renewed as well. Before performing software upgrades, contact your local reseller for the correct procedure and any potential upgrade fees.

In order to get technical help and support, consult the respective user documentation or contact your local reseller or our support team.

For detailed information on system requirements, software installation, administration and maintenance see the Administration Guides. For information on how to use iQ-VIEW/PRO, iQ-LITE and iQ-3D, including intended medical indication, intended users, conditions of use as well as contraindications and precautions, see the Instructions for Use. Both types of documents can be found in the Manuals section. Also find the iQ-VIEW/PRO DICOM Conformance Statement in the DICOM/HL7 Conformance Statements section.

  • Version 3.1.9

    This patch replaces the previously announced 3.1.8 patch.

    Including the following changes:

    • Add symbol and contact details of the swiss representative to user documentation

    See PD-730-72 iQ-VIEW_iQ-3D New Features and Bug Fixes PUB INT EN - 006R.pdf for more details.

    This installation package contains the following product versions:

    • iQ-VIEW/PRO 3.1.9
    • iQ-LITE 3.1.9
    • iQ-3D 3.2.0

    The iQ-CAPTURE 1.3.0 DirectShow® interface can optionally be used in connection with iQ-VIEW PRO. The software is not included in the iQ-VIEW 3D setup, but has to be integrated manually into an iQ-VIEW PRO installation. The iQ-CAPTURE 1.3.0 setup can be downloaded