Help with selectiive forwarding

  • I'm interested in creating a routing rule to send Cardiac CTA's arriving from our scanner to a selected 3D recon box. I've found that throughout all series abtained, the Study Description contains "CARD CTA" but has additional descriptive text beyond that such as "CARD CTA 0%" or CARD CTA 80%"
    In testing, I can get the forward to happen with the EXACT text of the StudyDescription but not with partial entry of Study Description. Is there a command that will look for a text string WITHIN the Study Description?
    Here's what I tried below.

    ExportCallingAE3 = IOW_SRV01_BRI
    ExportFilter3 = StudyDescription LIKE 'CARD CTA'
    ExportConverter3 = forward to IOW_DVR4_RIS

  • I thought I had it figured out, but...
    I want all CT's to go to WS01 and WS01
    I want just the Cardiac CTA's to go to WS04. However, when I send a non-cardiac study which does not have "CARD" in the protocol description, it still sends to WS04. I'm perplexed. Below are my settings.

    ForwardAssociationLevel = IMAGE
    ForwardAssociationCloseDelay = 5
    ForwardAssociationRefreshDelay = 3600
    ExportConverters = 2
    EXPORTCONVERTER0 = forward to IOW_WS01_VIT; forward to IOW_WS02_VIT
    ExportFilter1 = ProtocolName contains 'CARD'
    ExportConverter1 = forward to IOW_WS04_VIT

  • 1) To check for a substring try ... LIKE '%text%'

    2) Make sure the field you are filtering on is listed in
    a) in patient, study, series or image table in dicom.sql for real sql servers
    b) in the image table for in dicom.sql for dbaseIII


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