Database choice?

  • I've been running Conquest for several years on a dual Xeon 3GHz Win2003 server box with 2GB of ram and 2TB of RAID disk.

    I'm almost out of disk space but have aquired a new box of similar spec but with 3TB of disk.

    I've been running Conquest with the default dbase driver and response is generally good, except that startup or reinitialization is rather slow, as you would expect, with over 20 million images stored.

    Since I now have the opportunity to start over with the new server, I thought I should ask for advice on database choices; is MySQL sufficiently fast and stable? Other choices?

  • I ve MySQl runniing for more than 3 years without any greater probs, its fast and stable.
    But on the other hand, you should consider about MSSQL2000 oder 2005 for really great volumes. I ve installed that for a hospital.
    But I wouldn t use dbase.

  • We use MsSql for our hospital's production server (20 million images). You can off-course just copy the DBF tables over to the other server and continue with dbaseIII. It would save you a regen.

    A short checklist:

    dgate.exe, conquestdicomserver.exe, cqdicom.dll and dgate.dic can always be updated to newer versions without loss of data or functionality.

    dgateserv.exe and zipdll.dll have not changed in years. and dicom.ini can just be copied from older versions to keep your configuration.

    dgatesop.lst is regenerated if needed and needs not be copied.

    BUT: dicom.sql describes the database and must be copied along with the database. If you keep using dbaseIII copy the tables and the old dicom.sql, otherwise let the server make a new dicom.sql for you.


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