Conquest does not remove temporary files after "process with" ImportConverter

  • Hello Marcel,

    I have found that Conquest (version 1.5.0d, but also version 1.5.0b and earlier) does not delete temporary files created in the printer_files directory when using a "process with" ImportConverter statement.

    I have attached an out of the box dicom.ini with which this behavior can be reproduced. It uses one ImportConverter, "process with C:\Windows\System32\ping.exe" (just some random executable on a Windows system). All incoming slices trigger this ImportConverter, and Conquest leaves a copy of each incoming slice in its $INSTALLBASE$\data\printer_files\ directory, of course next to storing it in the right locations (database and patient directory). On our production servers, the configured nightly cleans don't remove these temporary files, and with high throughput, the printer_files directory can get quite large with hundreds of thousands of files.

    I am not sure if this behavior is desired. We have scripts running to clean up after some time, but it would seem nicer if Conquest could clean up these files itself when the ImportConverter finishes.

    Kind regards, and many thanks in advance,

    Maarten Buiter

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