pynetdicom C_GET failing with No presentation context for 'CT Image Storage' has been accepted by the peer for the SCP role

  • I am trying to use pynetdicom for the first time. I have it and the ConQuest DICOM server installed on my PC. I am able to get the pynetdicom echo example working, but when I try the pynetdicom Storage SCU example (…ble/examples/storage.html) it fails with:

    No presentation context for 'CT Image Storage' has been accepted by the peer for the SCP role

    Problem is, the example has negotiated the CT Image Storage context as far as I can see. Here's the logging from pynetDicom:

    So the log shows that the CT Image Storage Context was accepted, but with SCP/SCU Role: Default, whatever that means. When I debug through the pynetdicom processing I see that there is a CT context, but only for the SCP role.

    ConQuest shows it's sent the DICOM file and then got disconnected.

    And of course the code (only minor changes from the pynetdicom example:

    I've googled and googled until my googler was sore. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Hi,

    I have not used pynetdicom myself but a colleague has and it works. An idea, in C-GET you must specify what kind of images you want to get. My client does a query for the SOPClassUID and then passes when opening C-GET. Where do you do that in your code?


  • Thanks for the reply. From what I see in the examples from pynetdicom, the context is added to the AE object before the associate(). When the associate() is called, the Associate Request is sent (which includes the contexts). The peer then accepts or rejects the contexts. In the log I see the CTImageStorage context is requested and the peer approves the context on the response. I then do the C-GET and Conquest sends the Dicom file but apparently pynetdicom rejects the response saying the Context is not available.

    I do also have a request out on StackExchange, hoping someone with pinetdicom experience might help. Since the pinetdicom examples SHOULD work, I was more interested here in seeing if there was some compatibility issue with ConQuest.


  • Hi,

    Here is his code:

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