lua script example header and footer in dicom print

  • Hi,

    canvas:Text(posx, posy-40, num) outputs text to the image. Data.PatientID contains the patient id, so e.g.

    canvas:Text(posx, posy-40, Data.PatientID) should do the job.

    I am not extremely familiar with the libraries myself.

    Scaling is done by image:cdCanvasPutImageRect(canvas, posx, posy, sizex, sizey, 0,0,0,0)


  • Hello,

    Data.PatientID return nil...

    Do I need to modify something in dgate.ini to send the patient data to the lua file?

    the Scaling problem I make one workaround and now in test :) I try to get DX and CR files to test :)

    Thanks for help

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