How can i setup Auto Forward to many modalitirs through conquest

  • Dears,

    How is it going?

    I am a new here and it is my first time to use conqurest as a dicom server

    So My question is :

    How can I setup the autorouting option to send Images automatically to many modalities i registered in Modality known list in GUI app.

    Any detailed guide for those procedures

    Please help me to do that

    Thanks alot

  • Simple.

    stop conquest

    add this to dicom.ini above [lua]

    ExportConverters = 5

    ExportConverter0 = forward to VIEWER1

    ExportConverter1 = forward to VIEWER2

    ExportConverter2 = forward to VIEWER3

    ExportConverter3 = forward to VIEWER4

    ExportConverter4 = forward to VIEWER5

    start conquest.

    Good luck


  • dear marcel,

    Thanks alot for you response.

    It works fine 😘

    I have another questions , please :

    I want the study to be deleted after finished the routing process to all viewers.

    Is it possible ?!

    Is it better for speed up the transfering studies to be converted to jpegloss

    And how is it configureed to make conquest to send in js

  • Hi,

    If the forward never fails you can make it a database less router that does not store the images at all. See the windows manual for an example. Otherwise the easiest is to enable a nightly cleanup to delete the data.

    To compress use "forward compressed as J2 to XXXX".


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