Conquest and Cyrillic encoding

  • Images are encoded with ISO_144, what is normal for Russia manufactured equipment. The problem is that C-FIND request returns text unreadable in the list of studies on Windows based machine (CP2151 + RadiAnt for example). ISO_144 or 8859-5 (equivalent) are not present in MySQL db settings, so study texts are not readable in db either.

    Otherwise RadiAnt shows text tags normally when an image is opened.

    Is there any solution or workaround for this encoding issue?

  • Hi,

    Unfortunately there is no easy solution. Conquest does not touch any characters, but the database drivers do. I am working to support code pages in 1.5.0, but I lack code to translate cyrillic to UTF8, and more code changes are needed.


  • ISO 8859-5.txt

    WIN 1251.txt

    in byte representation starting from #160 char, thanks to MS .NET, code:

    Encoding enc_iso8859_5 = Encoding.GetEncoding("iso-8859-5");

    for (int i = 0xA0; i <= 0xFF; i++)


    byte[] win_bytes = new byte[1];

    win_bytes[0] = Convert.ToByte(i);

    byte[] utf8Bytes = Encoding.Convert(enc_iso8859_5, enc_utf8, win_bytes);

    System.Console.Write("0x{0} ->", System.Convert.ToString(i, 16));

    foreach (byte b in utf8Bytes)


    System.Console.Write(" 0x{0}", Convert.ToString(b, 16));




  • Can I force Conquest to return character set tag “ISO_IR 144” instead of “ISO_IR 100” in response to C-FIND dicom request (list of studies)? May be it’s not too complicated (IMHO), somewhere in binaries.

  • Hi,

    I just realised you can try something like this for testing:


    QueryResultConverter0 = Data.SpecificCharacterSet = "ISO_IR 144"

    This would set it for any query result. Better would be set it to the SpecificCharacterSet of the request. note however, that if the db messed with the encoding it may not be enough.


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