C-GET with Conquest

  • The conquest server is version 1.4.19c

    Under the issue for pynetdicom


    ""So I dusted off the Conquest virtual machine and checked their A-ASSOCIATE-AC PDU and lo and behold its missing the SCP/SCU Role Selection Negotiation items. So either its not configured correctly to allow C-GET role selection or perhaps its buggy?

    In case it is buggy and the conquest folks want the raw PDU data, pynetdicom sends this A-ASSOCIATE-RQ PDU:"" - Pynetdicom

    Do you have a piece of sample code that can find and then get the dicom data from the server?

  • Hi,

    Hi, C-GET is enabled in dgatesop.lst, I assume. The following lua program tests it from the server side:

    local q=DicomObject:new()


    series = dicomget('CONQUESTSRV1', 'IMAGE', q)


  • 1) dgatesop.lst has #Revision 8: Added C-GET at the top of the file. I cannot see any other reference to C-GET in the file.

    2) As for the lua test code, where can i get DicomObject:new() from?

    I have created the file query2.lua in the lua directory and attempted to run "lua query2.lua"

    "attempt to index global 'DicomObject' (a nil value) stack traceback: query2:lua:1: in main chunk"

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