Files deleted

  • I have lost 6 Tera byte data yesterday from my k-pecs server. In event manager i can see only following error.

    "The program k-pacs.exe version stopped interacting with Windows and was closed. To see if more information about the problem is available, check the problem history in the Action Center control panel"

    Is it possible that k-pecs deleted all of the images automatically? It is data for last 3 years and it is very important for me to recover it back.

    Also if i delete any image through the k-pecs, does it delete it permanently or it saves it on a different path?

  • K-PACS will delete data automatically in case you set up the overflow management. Otherwise, no, it will not automatically delete any data. Also data and database corruptions are a possibility and may lead to misbehavior. Studies, series or images that you delete manually from the imagebox (or by clearing the entire imagebox) are entirely deleted. They are not stored anywhere else and not pushed into the trash bin either.

    With regard to the lost data, check the computer's file system to see whether the data is still residing in the defined folder used for the K-PACS imagebox. Maybe it's still there and just not visible from inside the application due to a corrupt database.

    As a user of K-PACS you are responsible for your data. K-PACS is not a medical device and it is not a DICOM archive. As a consequence it is not intended to administer large volumes of data, and surely not terabytes of it. If you use the K-PACS computer to hold image data that is important to you, you should implement procedures that ensure a regular backup of this data. You may also want to think about using a DICOM archive software for the purpose of storing large data volumes.

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