K-PACS and 64 bit Windows 7 OS

  • Will K-PACS work with 64 bit Windows 7 OS? I use K-PACS on a Windows 7 box with 32bit OS with no issues, but cannot get the server to start on the 64bit OS. I've checked permissions, firewall, antivirus, etc....no luck. Any suggestions?


  • Might have to be "run as administrator". Installed under "ProgramFiles" or rather "ProgramFiles (x86)"? Might be better directly under "C:\". But maybe it just can't start because the chosen port is blocked by a different application or service or your settings for the imagebox and/or database are incorrect (e.g. are not ending with "\"). I'm pretty sure there are people out there who got K-PACS to run in such an environment.

    However, in general this disclaimer applies and we will not guarantee correct functioning on such OS.

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