push dicom to me

  • I am a one person office.

    A clinic wants to push dicom images to me.

    What program should we use ?

    I have K-pacs at the office which so far I can open and display images from cd.

    I am familiar with aetitle, ip addresses and know how to open ports.

  • Do you want another office to push DICOM images to your KPACs?

    This will require that you publish your KPACs box on the internnet, unless you have a private connection between your offices. Assuming internet based connection, you will need to provide the other office the IP address your ISP provides you and the port number you assigned your KACs machine and the AE Title. After that they should be able to push to you. Mind you I do NOT recommend this as it's not encrypted, and there is nothing stopping anyone else from connecting to you.

  • thank you for reply.

    we have been sucessful in testing .

    why would it be problem over internet ?

    the receiving end only accepts incoming from sending end, which is specified in ae title,and ip address.

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