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    Do you want another office to push DICOM images to your KPACs?

    This will require that you publish your KPACs box on the internnet, unless you have a private connection between your offices. Assuming internet based connection, you will need to provide the other office the IP address your ISP provides you and the port number you assigned your KACs machine and the AE Title. After that they should be able to push to you. Mind you I do NOT recommend this as it's not encrypted, and there is nothing stopping anyone else from connecting to you.

    Currently each new study that is done for a patient shows up as a whole new item in KPACs. I am wondering if there is some way to have all of the studies show up under a single name entry (assuming the name is entered exactly the same each time).

    Is this something that works differently in IQ-View?

    Or do I need to look at something like a Conquest DB for central storage to get this type of view?