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  • Does anyone have objection from me ressurecting the code found in the project found below produced by Gavin? The files I found are from an alpha1 zip that I came across. I believe he has opted to pursue creating an adobe flash based system from what I've gathered. Although impressive, I am more interested in the original project code. I have installed the package on a WAMP box and started adding code where he left off. I would like to bring it back to life and make it functional and possibly even get the stratos viewer working like he originally intended. So far I have been working on including user management and the possibility of adding Active Directory/LDAP authentication integration. Another nice feature I had in mind was a user request form that referring physicians could use to request access and require approval through the admin. We could limit physicians to viewing only cases that they referred etc. I like the idea of keeping it apache/php/mysql and possibly some javascript/AJAX too. The windows setup works good but I would like to include cross platform compatibility for unix/linux as an install option. This shouldn't be hard if we keep to open source tools.


    Any thoughts or suggestions?


  • since it is opensource I'm sure that Gavin (BigG) wouldn't have any objections, as long as you give credit where credit is due.

    as for making it cross platform. you'll have to think of some other tool to convert the dicom to jpg. (but if you integrate with stratos viewer it might not matter) I too have modified my installation of it a bit.. (but only to the point to where I have linked reports up to the exams, so you can view reports associated with the exams without going to another system) I just added another table to the database, and used a freeware HL7 tool to dump the reports in the database and then query the report based on the accession number.. (it was actually really easy)

    I would be interested in participating in the resurrection.. especially if you could assist in coming up with something that is a little better for CT/MR vieweing.. (like stratos viewer maybe)


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