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    I know incoming is set as the default pickup location.

    how can I setup a watch folder that is outside of the data folder?

    where do you do this? in dicom.ini is it as simple as ?

    # Watch folder location
    WatchFolder = /DATA02/EA_tmp/

    Trying to figure this out so I can maybe do it right the first time. :-)

    I have a bunch of problem studies that were migrated from an Agfa PACS to McKesson PACS (10+ years ago) they are now being migrated to a GE PACS.
    the images are messed up in GE (and in anything else they are sent to) but they display fine in McKesson (turns out McKesson did some voodoo on their system to make them display properly even though they are border line garbage)

    when I toss them in to Conquest I get the following.
    Added file: C:\distribution\Data\02236277\
    ***[JPEG Library]: Corrupt JPEG data: bad Huffman code

    is there anything I can do with these images to make them somewhat presentable?
    if you need an anonymized copy of the study, let me know and I'll make one available.

    sorry to bring this thread back to life from the dead.. but I have just one question..
    I need to do something somewhat similar..

    I have 6 McKesson PACS systems that are all sharing the same DICOM Printer for printing Mammo's - unfortunately each system identifies itself with the AE of ALI_SCU ( I was wondering if there was a tool that I could use to send to that would forward and change the AE title) something like this tool I hope.. (but what AE title would this test.exe use when it forwards? and is it configurable at all?)



    I have already written a monitor to do this.. of course Its written for my needs, but I could modify it for yours if you would like..
    (free of course) :D


    since it is opensource I'm sure that Gavin (BigG) wouldn't have any objections, as long as you give credit where credit is due.

    as for making it cross platform. you'll have to think of some other tool to convert the dicom to jpg. (but if you integrate with stratos viewer it might not matter) I too have modified my installation of it a bit.. (but only to the point to where I have linked reports up to the exams, so you can view reports associated with the exams without going to another system) I just added another table to the database, and used a freeware HL7 tool to dump the reports in the database and then query the report based on the accession number.. (it was actually really easy)

    I would be interested in participating in the resurrection.. especially if you could assist in coming up with something that is a little better for CT/MR vieweing.. (like stratos viewer maybe)


    in your ACRNEMA.MAP file you have the default entries of
    CONQUESTSRV1 5678 un

    V* * 1234 un
    S* * 5678 un

    remove the line "V* * 1234 un"

    (at least that is what I had to do, because the AE title of my Vitrea workstation was VITREA) which would fall under V*

    hope that helps..


    you could do it, but it would be rather messy.. using the scripts provided here - and modifying the DICOM tags and then re-processing the exam using dgate.exe (basically every time your receive a study it would be processed by dgate.exe 2 times.. or rather than modify the dicom tags, you could just modify the patient name in the Database, it would be upper case for all your purposes, and whatever is in the tags for anybody you may send the exam to.

    (just my two cents)

    you could create an export converter that runs a batch script to remove that entry from the database (referencing the accession number)

    ExportConverter0 = "cleanwl.bat %V0010,0050"

    cleanwl.bat would be your batch script, and the %V0010,0050 would be your accession number passed in to the batch script as variable %1 inside your batch script.

    (that's how I do it on my system anyway.. it works great that way.. )

    Quote from marcelvanherk

    As far as the conquest server is concerned: none, although temp files may be slower.


    The same goes for KPlite (K-PACS Lite Viewer)

    conquest can run from a USB Drive (though its not much of a viewer, more of a server) for a portable viewer I use the KPLite viewer (K-PACS) its the viewer used on their CD's it works great as a portable DICOM viewer, I use it off of my USB Flash Drive all the time.

    instead of dropping the files in a folder and doing a DB rebuild, why not drag and drop them in to the Conquest GUI ? or send from your FujiFilm to Conquest.

    or you can create a script to go through your data and rename all the files so that they have a .dcm extension (but thats a pain in the butt) I'd recommend the drag and drop method. this way you get a log of what was stored/converted and everything gets stored in the DB properly.

    it would be best to ask your question in a KPACS forum, but using conquest as a tool, you can setup a conquest server to auto send to your KPACS, then drag and drop the folder containing the exams you want in to the conquest GUI, the images will then be processed and forwarded to your KPACS. (personally I would use conquest as your archive, and use KPACS or CCWorkstation as your viewer) <-- just my two cents.

    if you are filling in the worklist database through a web interface, then you do not need to mess with any HL7
    just populate the dicomworklist table in your conquest database with your schedule data. now if you're using a Health Information System or Radiology Information System (Meditech, or Synergy, Etc.) then your scheduled radiology orders would be sent out of an HL7 interface to an interface that can dump in to the Conquest Database (Mirth) or to a file folder ( HL7Comm) for dgate.exe to process..

    sounds to me like you're not using a HIS or RIS though. so you'll just want to write your data to whatever database you're using for scheduling and sync the appropriate fields with the dicomworklist table in the conquest database.

    the "---" is supposed to be replaced with the HL7 message segment that contains the referring physician.

    personally I use Mirth ( to do a direct HL7 feed in to the conquest database. and fill in all the fields that are possible.

    you can also use,en/ (IQ DicomTest) to query your conquest worklist to make sure that the results being returned are accurate. anything that your machine is not seeing, would be a problem with the machine, and I would contact AGFA regarding.

    This should be an easy fix to do on the fly -make a copy of your dicom.ini call it dicom2.ini and remove the export converters - in your batch file rename dicom.ini to dicom3.ini and rename dicom2.ini to dicom.ini then the lines for changing the id, after that rename dicom.ini to dicom2.ini and rename dicom3.ini to dicom.ini - its sloppy but should work with minimal affects on anything else.

    hmm, I had an Idea on this, you could use Mirth (the opensource HL7 engine that can also speak DICOM) - if you send from your US to mirth, you can write a custom transformer in mirth (uses javascript) to do a replace in the dicom header of any character with whatever you would like, and then have it forward on to conquest) you can install mirth on the same box as conquest.

    it would be a dirty way of doing what you want, but it would be a way of doing it.

    although it would be a much better way than doing a DB update nightly.. :D

    okay, thats good to know, I just wanted to make sure that it could read that OBX segment of the HL7 message.. (didnt want to go through all of the work if it couldnt)

    I understand that I will have to script my own page (I'm using BigG's Conquest Web View A1) and am just adapting it so that I can display reports, and if I can have them saved in to a SQL database, it would be easy to format and display the data if sent from a HIS to conquest) (I'm accepting the HL7 messages with a LLP listener that dumps to a file and calls dgate to load it in to conquest)

    hopefuly this project works like I think it will in my head. :-)

    thanks a bunch Marcel!


    just to make sure I'm on the same page
    if I run another instance of conquest and mis-use the worklist table, and edit dicom.sql
    I should be able to store the OBX.5 in whatever field I want, like say "SchedPSDescription"
    { 0x0040, 0x0007, "SchedPSDescription", 64, SQL_C_CHAR, DT_STR, "OBX.5" },

    this way I can create a web page that reads the database and displays the results I want, in this case a formatted report.

    (should this work?) :-)