K-PACS: Edit dialog

  • Hi,

    I am using K-PACS 1.6 for downloading DICOM images from our local PACS and for DICOM anonymizing.

    When editing the data of the study (e.g. anonymize) I hit the "Apply" button in the "Edit data" dialog and K-PACS shows the progress bar while editing the files. After the progress bar dissappears, I cannot close the edit dialog. None of the buttons works (well, I can do the "apply" again - but that would not make sense...). Even the little "x" in the right upper corner does not work. I have to kill K-PACS via TaskManager and restart to get back to work.
    Can anyboby help me with this very annoying problem?!
    Thanks in advance,

    (Sorry if some button/screen descriptions differ from the real ones --> I am using the German version and I am guessing how it would be named in English...)

  • Dear ksell

    It is difficult to guess the causes of the behavior you are experiencing from only this information. Please check the log file for errors and also try out different studies. Does the behavior occur with all data or only specific (e.g. images from a specific modality)?

    You may want to try out our professional DICOM reading station iQ-VIEW. This software is constantly improved and also the "Modify" (in German "Ändern") function has been enhanced, including the anonymization.

    In addition to lots of other tools and options for image processing, importing and exporting of data, printing and interfaces to other specialized modules (e.g. 3D post-processing, stitching, etc.) the iQ-VIEW software is also certified according to CE and FDA 510(k) as a medical device and can therefore be used for diagnostic purposes. It comes with full user documentation and, of course, with technical support in case of problems such as the one you are currently confronted with.

    Find out more about iQ-VIEW or obtain a trial version here.

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