wado bridge with virtual servers 1.4.17 nice!

  • I compiled 64 bit linux and figured i would give the wado bridge with virtual servers a test drive. It works great given your backend dicom servers can serve it up fast than your wado clients suck it down.

    I love the fact that if you request a transfer systax via weasis to conquest of jpeg 2000 .90 and you have it stored uncompressed on the backend, conquest will compress it on the fly during the wado request and feed a jpeg 2000 format. something that dcm4che wouldn't do for me that i wanted to utilize for weasis client.

    One thing i have question about...i want to use dgate accessible to internet clients as a wado server. i think i can pretty much protect the images via utilizing studyuid,seriesuid,objectuid requirements. however, dgate unmodified has the ability to do all kinds of things that you don't want people on the internet doing.

    Is it possible for me to edit dgate.cpp and take out the default html stuff, recompile and when someone calls the dgate alone or dgate?mode=showconfig etc etc it would show nothing?

    wondering if maybe i can just create a small patch for dgate exectuable that is accessible by the internet and leave the conquest dgate alone? make sense?

    thanks for all your efforts on conquest marcel

  • Hi,

    thanks for the ;->>>

    There is an entry "anypage" in dicom.ini that will overrule the entire web interface. An empty lua script would give you a server error or you make a nice "access denied" page.


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