availability of K-Pacs / conquest consulting

  • Can anyone lead me in the right direction to find a consultant who would be willing
    to help setup a simple Conquest/K-Pacs configuration on one machine.
    I'm sure it could be done remotely with my help on this end.

    I'm a little new to this and don't have the time to research it.


  • We have a small medical clinic with a Kodak CR850 that sends images to a Conquest DB on the same LAN. The machine with the Conquest also is running KPacs for viewing the images.
    I can only see the images that are in the KPacs imagebox. After 20 days they are purged from the imagebox by KPacs, BUT I should still be able to access the Conquest DB and import them back to KPacs to view older images. The problem is that the images come up black after importing from Conquest.

    I have another post about this problem,
    search for subject line:
    images are blank on conquest db older than 20 days

    I'm sure it's just a setting I'm not getting right. I would prefer to have a program that offers some support, like maybe
    IQ/View ?? But I'm not sure where to find a provider.

  • You have to make sure that K-PACS information (AET, IP address, Port number) is correctly configured in Conquest Known Servers tab.
    If this is not the case, you will be able to Query Conquest, but not able to Retrieve the images.

    iQ-View is the commercial version of K-PACS and is distributed by http://www.image-systems.biz.

    Rafael Sanguinetti

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