• Major visual enhancement of this version is the new study browser:

    [Blocked Image: http://www.k-pacs.net/NewStudyBrowser.jpg]

    Now one can view study information down to image level. Partial selection of study content (e.g. only series 1 and 2) is supported as well (series level retrieve).

    Images can be previewed now:

    [Blocked Image: http://www.k-pacs.net/NewStudyBrowserwithPreview.jpg]

    Major non visual enhancement is the implementation of Rafaels DICOM library which replaces the OFFIS toolkit. The OFFIS code is stable and mature but kind of slow and very hard to implement in Delphi.
    The speed enhancement is awesome: a query request on study level for the entire server content of our CONQUEST server (approx 8000 studies) is processed and displayed now in less then 20sec.
    K-PACS will now support logfile creation for all communication (in verbose mode).
    StoreSCU and MoveSCU now run in threaded mode (in background).

    Last, not least here is a preview of the new Print interface:

    [Blocked Image: http://www.k-pacs.net/DICOMPrint.jpg]

    You can now zoom, move and window images before printing. This interface will be equal to the DICOM Print interface of the professional version (Dicom print runs flawlessly on our two AGFA imagers)


  • Will v 9.5 be the first payware version or will it still be available for free download? (If so when?) Can you elaborate on the licensing scheme? Will the license be $300 or so for a perpetual license, or will you go down the same sorry path as Efilm and try to make it a yearly license fee?

  • Hi there,

    As I pointed out before, there will be a freeware and a non-freeware version of K-PACS. Both versions will have the same user interface and share the most common features. The main difference between the freeware version and the certified professional version will be:
    DICOM print
    DICOM modality worklist
    DICOM structured reporting
    Enhanced TWAIN and videocapture interface
    (DICOM standard grayscale calibration, MPR/SSD, DICOM E-mail, HL7 connectivity, TLS encryption)
    the features in brakets will not be available in the first release.

    I will release V.0.9.5 with the new study browser and the new print interface (only paper printing in the freeware version) in 10/05


    Ps: about K-PACS professional: Although the ultimate customer's price is not 100% clear yet, you will get a non-time limited license.

  • Thanks Andreas. Licensing became the most objectionable feature of Efilm. The need to pay a large amount yearly for reissuance of a license which was locked tightly to the hardware it ran on and which needed to be reissued each time a hardware change was made was a royal pain. I fear that Merge lost sight of their customer base and got greedy.

  • The new release looks really great and the price of round about 300? seems really fair for the professional version.
    Concerning the new relase I ve 2 questions:
    - What is the great advantage of a modality worklist for a viewing prog?
    - can you recommend a good and of cause cheap :-) paperprinter? Printing films becomes too expansive in this times.

  • There are two scenarios where modality worklist is needed:

    1. Filling DICOM header data of DICOM images created by K-PACS (imported from JPEG, BMP or Scanner) with worklist information. A TWAIN interface for scanner connection is implemented.

    2. Modifying DICOM header data of DICOM images with worklist information.
    - In case you have a non worklist capable modality, you can send studies to a K-PACS workstation, query for the corresponding worklist information, write it into the image headers automatically and then send it to the archive.
    - If you use K-PACS as an import workstation for patient CD's from other hospitals or pratices you can modify some hospital specific data like PatientID and Accession Number with adequat information from worklist.

    About paperprinters: I don't have much knowledge about these devices because we rarly print images. But you could ask my partner IMAGE Inf. Syst. ltd. As far as I know, they distribute paper print solutions.


  • I can recommend 2 options:

    - Codonics Horizon, prints both film & special paper, color & B&W
    - Xerox Phaser 7750, prints paper, formats A4 and A3.

  • Quote from AndreasKnopke

    StoreSCU and MoveSCU now run in threaded mode (in background).

    Does this mean that K-Pacs will be running and listening for images being sent to it when no-one or anyone is logged into the WinXP box it is installed on? I hope so! This would be really useful!

    When might we see version 0.9.5 hitting the download page?

    Thanks, Ed McDonagh

  • Release date will be end of October (I guess next week).
    A process running in threaded mode means that you can do other tasks while the process runs in background.

    What you mean is running the store process as WinNT Service. But yes, I am working on a service that starts KPServer automatically, a LogIn will then not be required anymore.


  • Hi,
    I've found this post but no answer. In the meantime we run Version 1.6.0, but the question still is:
    is there a way to start the kpserver.exe automatically or from a command line?
    Regards -

    >>> But yes, I am working on a service that starts KPServer automatically, a LogIn will then not be required anymore. <<<