AW workstation 4.2

  • Hi,

    I guess the problem is that conquest is not authorized to query AW. Is the AE title of conquest correctly configured in AW (the name is case sensitive). If not this could be a reason for AW to reject incoming requests, while outgoing requests from AW are not a problem as conquest does not validate the calling and called AE. Another reason could be that PatientRootQuery is not supported - did you try other options (studyroot) as well?


  • Hi,

    It still sound like one of the problems listed in my first reply. The ethernet data looks clean, there is always another port (automatically selected) involved with communication.

    Questiom: does GE work for other clients like k-pacs? If it works for k-pacs you can sniff the transport using a forwarder included in

    test -fe PORT host port loglevel

    e.g., to make local port 9999 (at ip 127.0.01) connect to GE with logging:

    test -fe 9999 4006 4

    Then do the same with k-pacs and conquest and compare.


  • I just connected a GE AW 4.2 to an XP box running the latest dicomserver. I discovered that the dicomserver does not like studies that have been anonymized on the GE system. GE inserts a 26 character patient ID in the study. While I can push such studies from the AW to the dicomserver, I cannot query any of the anonymized studies with the 26 character ID. I suspect that this is an overflow in the character field in dicomserver.

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