iQ-ROBOT/PRO/PREMIUM Evaluation Version


U.K. users may not use iQ-ROBOT/PRO/PREMIUM for the creation of patient data as the UK NHS demands the encryption of removable media to protect personal data according to the Data Protection Act. Such an encryption is currently not available.

Click on "Download" or use the link in the top right corner in order to get an evaluation version of iQ-ROBOT/PRO/PREMIUM, which is limited in time. It runs 15 days as a PRO evaluation version and afterwards additional 15 days as a BASIC evaluation version. PREMIUM trial licenses can be obtained on request only. The evaluation version is not a medical device and shall not be used for diagnostic purposes.

The installation package includes all files necessary for running the iQ-ROBOT/PRO/PREMIUM DICOM routing software. If you want to integrate iQ-LITE as portable viewer to be included on the patient media, you need to obtain the iQ-LITE setup separately. Contact your local reseller or our sales team for more information.

In order to get technical help and support for your iQ-ROBOT/PRO/PREMIUM version, consult the respective user documentation or contact your local reseller or our support team.

For detailed information on software installation, administration and maintenance see the Administration Guide. In the Administration Guide you will also find all system requirements as well as a list of supported Primera and Epson robot models. For information on how to use iQ-ROBOT/PRO/PREMIUM, including intended medical indication, intended users, conditions of use as well as contraindications and precautions, see the Instructions for Use. Both types of documents can be found in the Manuals section. Also find the DICOM Conformance Statement in the DICOM/HL7 Conformance Statements section.

  • Version 4.1.1

    Changelog version 4.1.1


    • iQ-LITE 3.2.0 is now directly provided with the setup of iQ-ROBOT
    • Official support for Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022

    Bug fixes

    • Fixed a performance problem when sending a lot of small datasets (e.g. with a big CT study) over the network to iQ-ROBOT
    • Fixed a service crash that occurred when Primera robot was used with cartridge #053339


    • Operating systems < Windows 8.1 and < Windows Server 2012 R2 are no longer supported

    Changelog version 4.1.0


    • From medical device to non-medical device

      Legal requirements changed in the European Union. The new and future iQ-ROBOT versions will not be classified as a medical device anymore.
    • Performance enhancements

      Radiological studies get always bigger. Large multi-frame objects might have created transfer issues due to increased memory consumption. iQ-ROBOT/PRO/PREMIUM is now a true 64-bit application, which improves the transfer and (de)compression of large datasets.

    • Support of Epson PP-100III

      iQ-ROBOT/PRO/PREMIUM now also supports Epson’s Discproducer PP-100III.
    • Better load balancing of multiple robot devices in a network

      This optimization ensures that multiple robots using the “All available” option receive a better balanced workload.
    • Automatic cleaning of project data after a shorter period of time

      In some cases it might be useful to clear project

      data from the project list already after a few hours. With the new optimization of the clean-up function, this data can now be removed automatically even after a work shift. This helps to keep the list short and gives users a better overview of current projects.
    • Easier adding of new GUI languages

      Users of iQ-ROBOT are now able to easily prepare own translations into a new language of the graphical user interface. A how-to guide can be requested via email at

    Bug fixes

    • Fixed a bug that caused the service to crash when the configured output bin was full. In such a case, the user will now be notified that the output bin needs to be cleared before proceeding with any project.
    • Fixed a license error stating that no network adapter was found when starting the system
    • Fixed a bug that caused the “Add image” tool in the Label Editor to remain enabled even though the image selection dialog was closed.


    • Removed labeling information stating that the product cannot be used where U.S. patent law applies

      The relevant patent has expired and is no longer limiting the sales area.