iQ-ROUTER/PRO/PREMIUM Evaluation Version

Click on "Download" or use the link in the top right corner in order to get an evaluation version of iQ-ROUTER/PRO/PREMIUM, which is limited in time. It runs 15 days as a PRO evaluation version and afterwards additional 15 days as a BASIC evaluation version. PREMIUM trial licenses can be obtained on request only. The evaluation version is not a medical device and shall not be used for diagnostic purposes.

The installation package includes all files necessary for running the iQ-ROUTER/PRO/PREMIUM DICOM routing software.

In order to get technical help and support for your iQ-ROUTER/PRO/PREMIUM version, consult the respective user documentation or contact your local reseller or our support team.

For detailed information on system requirements, software installation, administration and maintenance see the Administration Guide. For information on how to use iQ-ROUTER/PRO/PREMIUM, including intended medical indication, intended users, conditions of use as well as contraindications and precautions, see the Instructions for Use. Both types of documents can be found in the Manuals section. Also find the DICOM Conformance Statement in the DICOM/HL7 Conformance Statements section.

  • Version 4.0.5

    This patch replaces the previous 4.0 releases.

    This version also functions as an update from the previous versions 2.1, 3.0, 3.1 and 4.0. Keep in mind that previously installed licenses for versions before 4.0 will become invalid and have to be renewed as well. Before performing software upgrades, contact your local reseller for the correct procedure and any potential upgrade fees.

    Changelog version 4.0.5


    • Added symbol and contact details of the CH-REP to Instructions for Use

    Changelog version 4.0.4


    • Official support for Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022
    • It is now possible to select multiple forward jobs at once to forward them again or remove them

    Changelog version 4.0.3

    Bug fixes

    • Fixed failed forward jobs not being aborted correctly after the configured retry mechanism

    Changelog version 4.0.2

    Bug fixes

    • Configured transfer syntaxes are no longer changed from JPEG-LS lossless to JPEG-LS lossy after an upgrade
    • Fixed an issue where iQ-ROUTER would incorrectly convert data even though transfer syntax conversion is set to be disabled
    • Fixed an issue during scheduling of forward task that could result in datasets not being cleaned up successfully
    • Fixed two memory leaks
    • Concurrent license server information is being stored and restored again after entering it manually the first time
    • When sorting the modality table and editing an entry, the correct modality is now being edited

    Changelog version 4.0.1

    Bug fixes

    • Added missing New Features and Bug Fixes document

    Changelog version 4.0


    • Redesigned forwarding system
      • All DICOM forwarding jobs are now stored in a local SQL database making it possible to restart iQ-ROUTER without losing any jobs. Successfully transferred jobs will be deleted from the database immediately. Non-transferred jobs are deleted after a customizable time frame (default: 30 days). Please make sure to adjust log file settings according to your legal requirements.
      • Forwarding jobs are now displayed in a clear and filterable table, so you can see which jobs are being sent, which ones are pending and resend or delete non-transferred jobs.
      • With the option for delayed forwarding of jobs it is now possible to let iQ-ROUTER collect jobs and forward them later within a customizable time frame.
      • Slow forwarding jobs could reduce the whole system performance in previous versions. Now you can limit the number of associations per destination AE title which helps to ensure that sufficient resources are available for other forwarding jobs, so that the full performance can be used for all jobs.
    • Improved user interface
      • The improved user interface of iQ-ROUTER allows you an easier navigation as well as more control and monitoring capabilities.
    • Enhanced support for networks with limited bandwidths
      • Further configuration options make it possible to ensure that transfers will not result in timeouts in such environments, e.g. socket send timeout, socket receive timeout, connection timeout.
    • Improved throughput scaling
      • The limit of allowed simultaneous associations was 100 in previous versions. You can now increase it up to 1000 associations. We recommend one CPU core per 10 simultaneous associations (The default value is still 25).


    • iQ-ROUTER will now continue to work if it cannot connect to the license server
    • Fixed an issue where iQ-ROUTER would not start in case no network adapter could be found
    • Resolved the issue that pinging a modality was always successful
    • Fixed an issue where the wrong SOP Instance UID was used in DICOM communication when a lossy compression was applied and a new UID was generated during the compression
    • It is possible now to enter hostnames with special characters (e.g. “-“)
    • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to enter all characters that are valid for an AET
    • Labels are now completely visible