iQ-WEB incl. iQ-4VIEW, iQ-X and optional interfaces 6.7.3

iQ-WEB incl. iQ-4VIEW, iQ-X and optional interfaces

Click on "Download" or use the link above in order to get evaluation versions of iQ-WEB and the respective add-ons, which are limited in time. They run for 30 days. The evaluation versions are no medical devices and shall not be used for diagnostic purposes.

Depending on the user’s needs, iQ-WEB allows for a variety of configurations. Options are available depending on the number of DICOM nodes that will be connected. Packages include 2, 5, 10, 20 or even an unlimited number of DICOM nodes (Application Entities). iQ-WEB can further be ordered with or without the iQ-4VIEW and iQ-X web viewers.

The installation package contains the following products:

  • iQ-WEB - PACS software
  • iQ-4VIEW - diagnostic zero footprint HTML5 web viewer
  • iQ-X - diagnostic Active-X web viewer
  • iQ-WEB2GO - mobile device support
  • iQ-WEBX WADO - integrating the archive into your HIS/RIS

In order to get technical help and support, consult the respective user documentation or contact your local reseller or our support team.

For detailed information on system requirements, software installation, administration, maintenance and migration see the Administration Guides. For information on how to use the applications, including intended medical indication, intended users, conditions of use as well as contraindications and precautions, see the Instructions for Use. Both types of documents can be found in the Manuals section. Refer to the conformance section for the iQ-WEB DICOM Conformance Statement.

:!:Patch available for iQ-4VIEW 2.1.5:!:

This patch and further instructions can be found in the file.

  • Version 6.7.3

    This installation package contains the following product versions:

    • iQ-WEB 6.7.3
    • iQ-4VIEW 2.2
    • iQ-X


    When used in the USA, additionally download and install the "iQ-4VIEW_2.2_compression_USA" package.

    Please note:

    A working installation of MySQL is a mandatory prerequisite for iQ-WEBX.

    iQ-WEBX 6.7.3 supports MySQL-Community Server 5.7.

    This version can be found at:



Please note:

We will no longer activate any software licenses installed on the Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 operating systems.