Concurrent Server 2.2.0

Stand-alone software that is used to distribute licenses within a computer network.

The Concurrent Server is a stand-alone software application to provide concurrent licensing (i.e. floating licensing or network licensing), which is an alternative licensing model to the usual stand-alone computer-based licensing, the so-called single licensing.

The application can be used with IMAGE products that do not include their own concurrent license server (e.g. DICOMReader 6.0). Please check the "Using concurrent licenses" section of the product's user documentation to see if it supports the Concurrent Server 2.0.

  • Version 2.2.0

    Change log:


    - Added support for hostname check


    - Fix firewall rule not being set correctly


    - Made the hardware fingerprint more robust against network adapter changes


    - Count concurrent users by computer instead of process

    - Fix incorrect display of concurrent usage statistics


    - Modernize application framework


    - Changes to the system time no longer cause the application to hang


    - Fix license activation on virtual machines hosted with VirtualBox

    - Fix installation of VC++ redistributable packages on Windows 7