DICOMReader/PRO 6.1.0

DICOMReader/PRO Evaluation Version

Click the "Download" button above in order to get an evaluation version of DICOMReader/PRO, which is limited in time. It runs 15 days as a PRO evaluation version and afterwards additional 15 days as a BASIC evaluation version. The evaluation version is not a medical device and shall not be used for diagnostic purposes.

The installation package includes all files necessary for running the DICOMReader/PRO software.


  1. The versions usually also function as an update from previous versions of DICOMReader and DICOMReader PRO. Refer to the version information in case that specific limitations apply. Keep in mind that the previously installed licenses will become invalid and have to be renewed as well. Before performing software upgrades, contact your local reseller for the correct procedure and any potential upgrade fees.
  2. In contrast to the previous versions of DICOMReader/PRO, starting with version 6.0 the software will only run on 64-bit operating systems.

In order to get technical help and support, consult the respective user documentation or contact your local reseller or our support team.

For detailed information on system requirements, software installation administration and maintenance see the Administration Guide. For information on how to use DICOMReader/PRO, including intended medical indication, intended users, conditions of use as well as contraindications and precautions, see the Instructions for Use. Both types of documents can be found in the Manuals section. Also find the DICOM Conformance Statement in the DICOM/HL7 Conformance Statements section.

With DICOMReader/PRO 6.0, we offer the software not only as single license but also with a concurrent (floating) license model. If you wish to use DICOMReader/PRO with a concurrent (floating) license, you will need to install an additional software, Concurrent Server 2.0. The application and its documentation can be found as a ZIP file here.

  • Version 6.1.0

    Changelog version 6.1.0


    • From medical device to non-medical device
      Legal requirements changed in the European Union. The new and future DICOMReader versions will not be classified as a medical device anymore.
    • Official support for modern operating systems
      DICOMReader/PRO now supports Windows 11.