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    Hi everyone. It's been a while since I posted on here, but I have a quick question. I understand that I can create an "incoming" folder on Mag0 and Conquest will monitor it for files, but can I point conquest to a different place for monitoring (unrelated to Mag0)? Thanks!

    Using what program to list the studies? Something like Excel to query the DB of each server?

    What would be an example of the dgate --movestudy syntax

    Also, to make matters more complicated, the backup PACS is using the built-in DB3 (SQLServer= C:\Conquest\Data\dbase\conquest.db3),
    The Primary PACS is using SQL 2005 Express.

    Advice please:
    I have a client with 2 Conquest servers. Their original plan was to have one primary pacs and one backup pacs (for redundancy purposes). Unfortunately, there weren't any rules set up to push the study to the second server - it was set up as a manual push by the tech.
    Over a period of about 4 years, this led to a few problems:
    1. Some studies never got sent to the backup pacs.
    2. Some studies never got sent to the primary pacs, they went only to the backup server by mistake.

    My question is what is the best way to get the unique images on each server copied over to the other? I have corrected the tech training issue and added a rule to automatically forward all studies to the backup pacs, but I need to sync the servers together. I am "knowledgeable enough to be dangerous" with Conquest and am not afraid of batch files if that is part of the solution.

    Marcel, I think I already owe you a beer if you are ever in the Pacific Northwest, but there's more where that came from... :wink:

    Hi all, in my consulting work it is amazing how I keep finding clinics using Conquest as either their primary PACS or a backup PACS. Kuddos to Marcel!

    I have a small hospital using Conquest on an OLD 32bit XP workstation, using SQL 2005 Express with 4 years of studies on it (about 1 T). I want to move it to a beefier environment. They have a 64 bit Windows 2008 server with plenty of space and RAM.

    1) Reviewing past posts, it appears that there is somewhat limited support for running a native 64bit client. Should I just use the 32bit client in the 64bit OS, or is it better to go 64bit all the way?
    2) I don't really like SQL Express, but is it more of a headache to switch to something like mySQL than it is worth? If so, how do I do it?

    Thanks! -Scott

    For some reason I thought that the path was stored in the database. I just took a look, and sure enough, it looks like just the mag name is stored. Wow. Way easier. Thanks Marcel. -Scott

    Marcel, I need to change a Conquest mag location. Is there an easy way to do it? Maybe some sort of a db search and replace command? They are using SQL2005 as their database.

    Here's the scenario:
    My client has been storing to Mag0 at f:\DICOM. He now wants to copy all of the studies to a new DAS, leaving the originals in place as a backup. The new location would be k:\DICOM.

    I have used the archive function before to move studies from one mag to another, but it deletes the original when done. What is the best way to accomplish this? -Scott

    No way! That's how it works??? Crap. I've only had one MIRRORDevice set up all this time. I've had to add more MAGDevices over time, but never knew I had to also add MIRRORDevices.

    Just to make this clear (for me and anyone else reading this), this is what you are saying:

    To have complete MIRRORING, for every MAGDeviceX, there needs to be a corresponding MIRRORDeviceX

    Hi Marcel, it's been a while since I've visited the forum. (Conquest has been working out very well. Thank you!)

    My question concerns the Mirror function. What triggers the mirror to get written to? It seems that not all of my studies are getting written to the mirror when they get written to a MAG, and I am trying to find out why. Thanks. -Scott

    Marcel, how do I incorporate this into my scripts? I tried inserting it into my working script below, but it does not work. Thanks! -Scott

    dgate -P5678 -Q10.1.1.250 --display_status "--imagelister:local|%1||%%s" >changeme.txt
    FOR /F %%A IN (changeme1.txt) DO dgate --modifypatid:%2,%%A
    del changeme.txt