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    Dear Marcel,

    first of all I have to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful software. May I ask you a question: Is it possible to use conquestdicom and make a website for patients so that they only can see and download their own pictures including a report? So something like the commercial pacsonweb. Or do you know anybody who has done this?

    Thank you very much.


    Hi Marcel,

    thank you very much for your gigantic work on the conquestdicom server, which makes our days really easy in our orthopaedic office.

    When importing or re-importing dicom files, I see a problem that inconsistent data are not stored. I understand that this is not a mistake but an important feature.

    But, are there any possibilities to store these file, even if they do not fit the requirements? Like same PatientID, but different names?

    Is there a way to make a new PatientID that has no conflict to the old? There are several situations where problems like this occur´. We integrate dicom files from different MR/CT offices and by chance 2 different patients have the same ID. My big problem is, that this error is not always reflected to the sending workstation or seen by the nurse and so data may be missing at the end of the day.

    20220624 21:39:55 ***Refused to enter inconsistent link PatientID into DICOMStudies: PatientID = '2443715' StudyInsta = '1.2.840.113619.', Old='0002443715', Refused='2443715'

    20220624 21:39:55 ***Error saving to SQL: 2443715\

    Best regards,


    Hello Marcel, hello to all of you.

    I wish you a bright and sunny sunday!

    After more than 20 years of using the conquest dicom server only as perfect running hyper lightspeedy never failing swiss army knife super dicom PACS, I would be glad to use the wonderful software as dicom worklist server.

    Is there any worklist editor out there, perhaps with a GDT-interface to use it with the german doctors office software "Albis"? If not, how do other people use this feature?

    Thank you in advance.


    Hi Marcel,

    thank you first of all for this wonderful software.

    Could you please help me with this error that occurs when sending to our conquest server (from radiantviewer)

    E: No presentation context found for sending C-STORE with SOP Class / Transfer Syntax: EncapsulatedPDFStorage / Little Endian Implicit

    I added to the dgatesop.lst this as last line:

    Encapsulated PDF Storage 1.2.840.10008. transfer LittleEndianExplicit

    but it would not held.

    Where is my fault?

    Best regards and than you,


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    This is a place holder for feature requests.

    Hello Marcel,
    thank you again for this perfect and wonderful chef d'oevre of dicom pacs. It works like a swiss watch for more than 10 years for me.
    May I again ask you a favor? From time to time I have to aggregate two or more pacs into one.
    Would it be possible to integrate a destructive move, which really deletes the moved dicom files in the source? And leaves the rest in the source or moves it into a folder "not readable"?
    If I have only one file inside 1 million files, it takes a very long tome to filter out exactly this one corrupt file.
    Thank you again and happy easter!


    Hello Marcel,
    thank you for your perfect and wonderful programs that I use now for more than 10 years without any major problems. I have a minor little questions about the size of the RAM that is used by dgate64.exe. On my XAMPP installation on a Win 2008 Server with 32GB RAM the dgate64.exe is growing and growing very slowly but viewable all the time. It seems to do so dependent on the numbers of dicom files received. After some weeks or months, I have to kill the process or reset the server and everything will start from the beginning.
    Question: is this normal, or do I have to do any maintenance procedure with the dgate64.exe precess?
    Thank you very much in advance,

    Dear Marcel,
    thank you very much for your kind answers.
    May I open my wish-list for this and the coming Christmas?
    I would like to have an gui editor for questions like this. Something where I can select one item out of the large list of dicom tags, one out of a list of operators and one out of a list of possible values and a possibility of combining several of these questions with a relations out of a list of operators. I have seen something similar in a sql statement generator.
    Best regards and a wonderful Christmas from Hamburg,

    Hi Marcel, hi everybody,
    I would like to copy files as a service routine from a specific referring doctor to a specific server.

    For Export Converters, I know the routine:
    ExportConverters = 1
    ExportFilter0 = ReferPhysician LIKE '%name%' or Modality = 'NM'
    ExportConverter0 = forward to newserver

    but what do I have to write, if this has to be done one one single time?
    Best regards,

    Hi Marcel,
    thank you very much for your quick answer. Would you please be so kind and explane to me as a dummy where I can find the import folder? And how to use it?
    Best regards and Happy new Year! :D

    Hi Marcel and all the others,
    is it possible to move folders to the conquest server, not just copying them?
    I know the drag and drop solution with the GUI, but my wish for the next christmas would be to have a small switch to change from copy to really move.
    My backgroud is to consolidate dicom files with more than 7GB and I would like to see in the source folders at the end of the "move" process only the files that could not be moved.

    Best regards and a happy new year.

    Hi all,
    I have a major problem with a file, which has to be forwarded. Somehow this is corrupt and is blocking the forward queue.
    Question: How can I block only this single file or how can I clear the forward queue? Is there any chance to check the files before they are processed?

    [3WARE2] Queue: retrying processing of file C:\dicomserver\0030446101\
    [3WARE2] ExportConverter0.0: forward C:\dicomserver\0030446101\ to 58conquest
    [3WARE2] ***VR:ReAlloc out of memory allocating 268374016 bytes
    [3WARE2] ***A fatal error occurred (out of memory) - closing server

    Best regards,

    Hi Andreas,
    Your import function work very well, but how can I import or better transfer the file I found into a separate archive, like conquest? If I select a folder K-Pacs will find and show all DICOM files. But if I select all these files it seems not to be possible to transfer these pictures to an archive. I only can have a look on the pictures and this would transfer the picture to the imagebox and from there on it is possible to transfer them to another archive. So my question: how can I send the pictures directly to an archive?
    Thank's a lot.