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    Hello all,

    I have read in a post that :
    "The inconsistent StudyModal can be ignored - it is a "calculated" field, and it can change as series with new modalities are added"

    Is it possible to "fix" the value of StudyModal with the first received and block the other ones ???

    Many thanks.

    Hi and thanks for your answer.

    It seems that the Wado fonctionnality does not work under Ubuntu/Apache2...

    If anyone has made it successfully, i am very interested by the solution...


    Hi all, hi Marcel,

    i'm long time user of conquest.
    My conf :
    - Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS 64 Bits
    - Conquest 1.4.17d 64 Bits

    I'm using Weasis with it with a self made connector (xml, python) and it works fine...

    I'm searching for a long time an answer to this simple question :
    IS CONQUEST A WADO SERVER ??? And if yes, is there any tuto to configure it ?

    Many Thanks.


    i'm using file notifier (inotify) to detect new event in receiving dcm file in dgate.
    What i see with it, is that when dgate receive a file it makes a "create" and "modify" events.

    Is there any system to be sure the file is "closed written" by dgate in order to use it ???

    Generally when a file is written the event "write" is made (by the fwrite or fclose function).

    Thanks for any idea....

    Hi all,

    i confirm that under linux (ubuntu server LTS) i have to do :


    before running dgate.

    The command :

    psql --list

    shows the encoding of database.
    My encoding is always UTF8 but sometimes (when meta dicom contains specials caracters), it crashes when PGCLIENTENCODING is not set to LATIN1.

    Perhaps the solution is not to create utf8 database !!! but latin1.

    Hi Marcel,

    i always use Postgresql Database (V9.1.x)

    The conquest message error is :

    Thu Mar 6 11:22:32 2014 *** ERROR: invalid byte sequence for encoding "UTF8": 0xc970
    Thu Mar 6 11:22:32 2014 ***Error saving to SQL: 73_29652/

    When i put some ImportConverters into the dicom.ini to put these tags to "" it is ok.
    But not always....
    I can't know before all the bad tags...


    Hi all,

    a new error appears to me but i don't think to have change anything...

    When some Dicom tags as :


    contains some special caracters as : é, ç, à, etc... the error appears !!
    It is certainly an SQL encoding error but i don't see any issue.

    I have to make some ImportConverters to set then to ""

    Any idea ???


    Hi all,

    after many changes made with Marcel, i give you the way to do good compression in Conquest by using lua scripting :

    What is important to have (for me) :
    Context :
    - dgate-1.4.17c-64bits
    - linux server Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS 64 Bits
    - postgresql 9.1.12

    dicom.ini :

    FileNameSyntax = %id/%sopuid.dcm# Configuration of compression for incoming images and archivalDroppedFileCompression = unIncomingCompression = unExportConverters = 1[lua]ExportConverter0 = dofile('compress.lua')

    compress.lua :

    x = DicomObject:new()
    print('compressing with jk')
    x:Script('compression jk');
    print('compressing with jl')
    x:Script('compression jl');

    The result is that my studies are available in three compression mode :
    - un
    - jk
    - jl

    Very intressting for those who can't make Weasis works in wado mode with linux...
    You can use downloading mode instead !

    Bye, and many thanks to Marcel !


    i think my problem is the worklist database table name !
    It should have been hardcoded that worklist table must be named "DICOMWorkList", and it is not my case...
    The name like : dicom_dicomworklist

    I have found in the dbsql.cpp, line 3092 :

    if (DB.Query(WorkListTableName, "DICOMWorkList.PatientID", NULL, NULL))

    Surely that the dgate --initializetables:2 does not work if the name is not DICOMWorkList !!!

    The "DICOMWorkList" string is hardcoded into many other lines in this file.

    I think the dicom.ini is not really used to read database table name ??

    What do you think about it ??


    dgate --debuglevel:4

    Arena 0:system bytes = 1118208in use bytes = 812976Arena 1:system bytes = 536576in use bytes = 400448Arena 2:system bytes = 135168in use bytes = 51584Total (incl. mmap):system bytes = 1789952in use bytes = 1265008max mmap regions = 1max mmap bytes = 311296Arena 0:system bytes = 1118208in use bytes = 812976Arena 1:system bytes = 536576in use bytes = 402720Arena 2:system bytes = 135168in use bytes = 51584Total (incl. mmap):system bytes = 1789952in use bytes = 1267280max mmap regions = 1max mmap bytes = 311296

    And :

    dgate --addlocalfile:/home/xxx/hl7/samples/ORM_in.hl7

    [AddImageFile] loaded HL7 file: /home/xxxx/dicom/printer_files/99999.99999.6.1392568325.3.hl7

    It does the same thing


    when i am using dgate --loadhl7:file command, the log returns :

    Server command sent using DGATE -- option

    But nothing added in the dicomworklist.

    when i am using dgate --addlocalfile:file command,the log returns :

    [AddImageFile] loaded HL7 file: /home/xxxx/dicom/printer_files/99999.99999.6.1392474001.1.hl7

    And nothing added in the dicomworklist too !!!

    I have tried from many differents folders....

    Any idea ?


    Hi all,

    i've understood the way to load an hl7 message in dgate is by using the "dgate --loadhl7:file" command.
    No problem to use this way.

    But is there another configuration to do it work with files as dicom.ini, or dgatesop.lst ???

    Because when i'm using these command line, it doesn't create any worklist at all.
    Perhaps it doesn't do that, and i have misunderstood ???
    Perhaps it only does modification on an existant worklist ?

    Normally, loading hl7 ORM^001 message would create a DWL with informations in it ?