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    Hi, Marcel,

    only a small correction, delete has no '*'

    delete from DICOMImages where ImageDate>'20100101' and ImageDate<='20101231'

    delete from DICOMSeries where SeriesDate>'20100101' and SeriesDate<='20101231'

    delete from DICOMStudies where StudyDate>'20100101' and StudyDate<='20101231'

    delete from DICOMPatients where WHERE PatientID NOT IN (SELECT PatientID FROM DICOMStudies)

    You can send all of them and after go reducing a half until it stops to work.

    Then, you will isolate the range of tags working or not

    Do you restarted conquest?

    Sometimes it solves the problem.

    I have touched some parts.

    The metadata code is:

    Here is

    I have about ten patients and all are showing the images.

    Testing with latest OHIF, sometimes I had an error while testing. Then, I had do restart conquest and all is ok again

    Great, Marcel,

    In remotemetadata(ae, level, st), is the level param equal to "IMAGE" all the time?

    I ask it because the level param is not been used in the function?


    I did the next.

    In this line, how I can save a frame to jpg?

    x:Script('save frame '..oframe..' to '..outfile)

    is this syntax ok:

    x:Script('save jpg frame '..oframe..' to '..outfile)

    I have started thumbnails, and I´m trying to adapt your metadata function to that. But I dont´t have weasis to test.