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    Sorry for the late reply.

    I use PostgreSQL as Conquest db engine. I confirm that virtual server mechanism work really well. There was some issue with Orthanc server after it goes out of free space which caused problem with pulling studies from him through Conquest. After reinstalling Orthanc (and increase capacity of disk ;)) everything works correctly.

    I have question related with VirtualServer feature. Is it way to tell Conquest to not storing locally studies which are sendt through virtual server? Currently it looks that Horos looking for studies on remote (virtual) server throught Conquest, find them on Orthanc, pulling studies from Orthanc but also those studies remains on Conquest which in my case is not goal and I have to deleting those studies from Conquest and reinitialize db using script in cronjob.


    Thanks for respond.

    I switched to C-MOVE and I checked that I can retrieve studies that exist on Conquest but when I try to retrieve data from Virtual server I see log below:

    I've increased log level by adding to dicom.ini

    DebugLevel = 4

    but the log is the same.


    I've small environment where I want to use Conquest DICOM server as a "proxy" for multiple instances of Orthanc DICOM servers. I use Horos/OsiriX as a DICOM Viewers to point to single Conquest. In Horos I can successfully search studies from remote servers defined in dicom.ini in VirtualServerFor... parameters but I can't retrieve studies using both C-MOVE and C-GET retrieve method and receive message "Move Failed: UnableToProcess". Both servers (Orthanc and Conquest) have each other in known modalities (Conquest in, Orthanc in main JSON configuration file), I've ensured about network configuration (firewall etc.).

    In Conquest dgate.log during retrieving studies I see:

    which may indicates some misconfiguration but on Orthanc site I litarally set "accept everything" and on Conquest site in dgatesop.lst I've default values from main package from main page

    How can I invastigate further this issue?