• Is the compression feature on KPACS for sending smaller files over the network..

    In other words can I use compression to transfer cases from one KPACS station to another more quickly. Is so, does the KPACS receiving station display the JPEGS or does it transfer them back to DICOM to display ?

    Or is compression only for downloading cases ?

    many thanks paul

  • You can setup the built in receiver of K-PACS (KPSERVER) to prefer Jpeg lossless compressed transfer syntax. If your remote node supports it, this setup could speed up your connection.
    When sending images, K-PACS will propose uncompressed transfersyntax and Jpeg lossless compressed TS. If the receiver is setup to prefer compressed, K-PACS will try to compress the images before sending it (unless they are already compressed)

    A JPEG Lossless compression will approx. shrink image data size 2:1. Note that Jpeg lossless compressed images are still valid DICOM images with a DICOM header and a pixeldata part.


  • Which transfer syntax's can KPACS receive and which version of KPACS does this apply to? I have having trouble getting KPACS to receive compressed images v. 0.9.9. It will always reject compress image transfer syntaxes.

  • I know how to compression for e-mail export, but I have no idea how to compress for transfer.
    Is it in ServerAdminTool ? or choose from pulldown menu of right click to Export button ?

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