Question about a new installation

  • Hello,
    I have a KPacs workstation that acquires images from a Fuji FCR capsula view.
    The imagebox is on a network share.
    I'd like to install KPacs on a new PC importing the imagebox.
    I have 2 questions:
    Is there any documentation around that can help me?
    How can I import old images in the new server? Configuring the same imagebox directory is enough?
    Any help, hint, doc or link will be very very apreciated.
    Have a happy and wonderful day.

  • I can answer by myself.
    I had to specify the same Imagebox path, the regenerated the db with the "regenerate database" button.
    Anyway, I didn't found a configuration manual.
    Can you help me?
    Have a nice day.

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