Marking scanned patients as read problem

  • good morning. this is my first time posting in this forum regarding our problem so kindly bare with my english.

    we can't mark scanned patients as read/unread in our kpacs and iqview. everytime we check the box and the shade icon appears on kpacs and then refresh it to sort out read and unread patients it still remains as an unreadpatient. our doctors are having a hard time because of the number of patients being qued due to unable to mark as read and unread. pls help me with my problem

  • Did you set the "Status" filter in the search filter panel to "Unread" studies? This filter works independently from the DICOM filters as this is a local status information and not part of any DICOM query/communication.

    If you set the filter to "Unread" only these studies will show up in the table of the local imagebox.

    Not sure what you mean with refresh, though.

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