K-PACS doesn't start working

  • Hi guys,

    I'm not a proffessional but I need to see this tomography results in my pc.

    I have win 7. It seems that k-pacs is installed but can't make it work. it says "DICOM has stopped working."

    I also installed IQ-View but can't import images. I can't see the file type of the images so I can't figure out how to view. it's ok for me at least if i can convert them into jpg.

    Please help, thanks in advance

  • Well, if you have the DICOM images on a local disk or on a CD/DVD, then use the "Filesystem" option to select them, scan them and import them into iQ-VIEW or K-PACS. The iQ-VIEW user documentation explains all the different image import options in detail.

    Please note that you can't have several applications run on the same port on the same computer. When switching between iQ-VIEW and K-PACS, you should stop their respective DICOM server component - IQSERVER.exe and KPServer.exe.

    For any application errors, you may check the log files to find out the reason. Keep in mind that K-PACS was never developed to be completely compatible with Windows 7 or 64 bit systems. So, the system's UAC and/or an account with restricted permissions may cause issues.

  • Thanks very much Sabine.

    It helped a lot! I figured out IQ-View. K-Pacs is not working due to OS most probably as you said, though i opened it into the compatibility mode for XP, it didn't respond.

    Anyway, I got what i needed.

    Thanks very much!

  • By the way,

    I noticed that, even though I close K-Pacs to switch to IQ-View, I noticed that KPserver.exe keeps working. So that's how i figured it out. So maybe it was the conflict.

    Just forgot to explain, so it might help to someone else. ;)

  • I'm glad to hear that you were able to access your images.

    Thanks also for your explanations. Yes, the DICOM server components will continue working, even if the main application is closed. This ensures that DICOM images can still be accepted and stored in the local iQ-VIEW / K-PACS imagebox.

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