iQ-VIEW 2.6 no patients shown in list

  • Hi,
    I have a iq view 2.6 on win XP that when either a network pacs search or local database search is done shows a blank list , HOWEVER if you resort the page using the patient name they appear ?

    Was working OK for 2 years only recently started.

    Any tips on what to do would be great.

    only used as a review station with IQ web as the main pacs.



  • This is a known design error in iQ-VIEW version 2.6.0 that has been resolved in all later versions. Please refer to Issue #1262 of our MANTIS feature and bug tracking system.

    To rectify this, please close iQ-VIEW, browse to the iQ-VIEW installation directory in the Windows Explorer, open the file “iQ-VIEW.ini” and look for the following entries:


    and delete the values stored after the equal sign (“=”). Then save the changes and restart the application. The issue should be solved now.

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