Ultrasound Images not Opening

  • Trying to Open Ultrasound Images and it says (Software only reads 1, 8, 12, 16 Bit DICOM Files, this file allocates 65535 bits per voxel) I've done a DICOM Dump on these files from a PACS Server and it says 8 bit. Is there anything else I can do?

  • Dear Mike

    Generally, both iQ-VIEW and K-PACS can, of course, handle the display of ultrasound images.

    As ultrasound images are often multiframe objects (i.e. image sequences), they can get pretty big, which could result in memory issues. I would suggest that first you check the log files of the application to see if any error messages come up when trying to display the images. You may also check if the images are compressed (in the original) and make sure that they are uncompressed when imported into iQ-VIEW or K-PACS. Lastly, you may use DICOM check tools to verify that the images you are trying to view aren't corrupted.

    If you post some more details about what application (version) you use and what exactly does not work (steps to reproduce, error messages coming up, etc.), then the forum community may be able to give you more explicit advice.

    In case you are running iQ-VIEW, please contact your local reseller for assistance.

  • The images are not corrupt, I can view them in a Viztek PACS Server just fine, they are all static images no Cine Clips. and the options I have in sending the images are Little Indian, Jpeg 2000, and Jpeg compressed.

  • Dear Mike

    Thanks for the additional information. However, we still don't know which software and which version you are using, whether these images are imported in an uncompressed way (i.e. if necessary are decompressed on receipt), what exactly you try to do and what happens if you do it, and which errors occur.

    If this is an iQ-VIEW support case, please contact the reseller from whom you purchased the software.

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