Kpacs not exporting or emailing

  • Using Kpacs workstation 1.5.0 and only very rarely will the Export to email function work.

    The only other way we are able to send xrays is to navigate to the images and attach them to emails from outlook, which is quite time-consuming.

    Please can you recommend a workaround so that the xrays will send EVERY time?

  • Dear qvet

    It is difficult to give you any recommendations based on your very general error description. If you would post some more details of what exactly you are doing and what exactly the error is, someone may be able to help you with the issues encountered. E.g. are you using the internal email client or your general email program for sending, are you using encryption and or anonymization, do you sent the images with compression, are the emails not sent at all or do they arrive but the attachments are corrupt, are any error messages given (e.g. on screen or in the log), etc.

    Depending on what the actual issue is, it might also help updating to the latest K-PACS version 1.6.0.

    Alternatively, check out our professional software iQ-VIEW, where all functions are regularly updated and tested and technical support is given through our reseller network or us.

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