IQ-3D error

  • Hi,
    I have just updated Iq-View Pro to 2.8 on my laptop (previous was 2.6).
    This is a Dell Latitude with Intel HD Graphics (low power : I know !).

    Previous version of Iq-3D was working, but this one does not - error logs show mostly :
    ERROR: No scalar values found for texture input!
    ERROR: Extension GL_VERSION_1_2 could not be loaded

    Is the problem known ? Is there a way to make it work ? Thanks.

  • You should contact your vendor directly in this case to get the proper support you need (should be faster than through this forum). If he can't help you, usually he will get in contact with our support team.

  • I answer to myself and to this post too rapidly sent, in case where it could help someone else.
    The new setup of Iq-3D allows CPU/GPU switch for the 3D-motor. It is set by default on GPU and my computer lacks the GPU. Even without it, this motor is by far speedier than the previous one.

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