iQ-DOSE 1.1

Please note:

We will no longer activate any software licenses installed on the Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 operating systems.

iQ-DOSE is a desktop application, intended to be used for the evaluation of the applied radiation dose of patients according to EURATOM 2013/59 and StrSchG.

It provides an automatic evaluation of dose information and is intended to support the user with documenting evaluation results and justifying overdoses. For this purpose, it receives DICOM data over a DICOM interface and checks if the data contains a Radiation Dose Structured Report or other data from supported modalities. Afterwards, all necessary information from the dose data is extracted and compared to limit values. These limit values are configurable and based on age and weight of the patient. Based on these limit values iQ-DOSE displays the evaluation result on the graphical user interface. The user has to add a justification for every detected overdose. If any overdose was detected, the application sends a notification email.

  • Version 1.1

    To get an insight into iQ-DOSE's current software version and the previous software versions, the iQ-DOSE 1.1 New Features and Bug Fixes PUB INT EN - 001R.pdf document provides a change log limited to the most important new features, bug fixes and removed functionality.


    • Evaluation of XA, RF and tomosynthesis studies
    • Data acceptance and definition of the modality based on SOP class UID for more reliability
    • Improved matching rules for limit values
    • Support of iQ-4VIEW as a viewer

    Bug fixes

    • Fixed the problem with license error stating that no network adapter could be found
    • Scout images of CT RDSRs without dose value and Acquisition Type "CONSTANT_ANGLE" are now ignored during the evaluation process and do not lead to the “No evaluation possible” result anymore