General Demo Images FULL 003R

The archive contains the following folder structure:

  1. Root directory
    It contains all files for running the patient data burned on the medium with either the iQ-LITE viewer or from a web browser, including the instructions for use. It also contains the 'DICOMDIR', the main table of the database.
  2. DICOM
    In this folder are saved the DICOM image data. A specific folder structure is used: Each study is filed in a separate folder which is comprised of individual folders for the different series that are included in the study. The series folders then contain the individual images.
  3. IHE_PDI
    This folder contains the 'BANNER.JPG', which is used as a label for both the iQ-LITE viewer and the top of the INDEX.HTM page. Further you will find here the html sub-pages for study level and series level as well as the individual images as JPEG.
    The DICOM structured reports in an html web view are stored here.

  • Version 003R