General Demo Images MINI 003R

The archive contains the following folder structure:

1. Root directory

It contains all files for running the patient data burned on the medium with either the iQ-LITE viewer or from a web browser, including the instructions for use. It also contains the 'DICOMDIR', the main table of the database.


In this folder are saved the DICOM image data. A specific folder structure is used: Each study is filed in a separate folder which is comprised of individual folders for the different series that are included in the study. The series folders then contain the individual images.


This folder contains the 'BANNER.JPG', which is used as a label for both the iQ-LITE viewer and the top of the INDEX.HTM page. Further you will find here the html sub-pages for study level and series level as well as the individual images as JPEG.


The DICOM structured reports in an html web view are stored here.

  • Version 003R