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    Is there a way I could get a current installation updated with a new field in worklist and make it return that on a worklist query. Specifically I'm looking for the "Referring Physician" attrbute that is referenced with the TAG (0008,0090) .
    I'm thinking I could do it on a New instance of the database but not on a running instance. Is that accurate?

    Thanks in advance

    Mr Johnathan Bravo

    One final question. Does study uid have to be numbers or can it be something like a hex value.


    Mr Johnathan Bravo

    I thought I had replied yesterday but It doesn't seem to have posted .
    To answer I am using a mirth channel to receive work requests from RIS and send updates to the dgate worklist table.

    as far as the sprintf statement. Been along time since I've done any c but i think that would output something like



    sprintf(newuid, "%s.%d.%04d", uidprefix, time(NULL), counter++)

    so I could do in mirth some js such as

    var uuid = UUIDGenerator.getUUID();
    var dgateprefix=124234;
    var sUid=dgateprefix + "." + uuid;

    Mr Johnathan Bravo

    Currently using a MIRTH channel to receive from the RIS and then write out to dgate's worklist . so far everything has been working very well in general but some of the older modalities are a little trickier than others.
    I'm going to try to figure out a way to make that c call from within mirth . Or possible just have mirth's java call something locally since both dgate and mirth are on the same box.

    thanks again for your help
    Mr Johnathan Bravo

    Thanks for that however
    I have not been using the dgate --loadhl7:file method to fill the worklist. I've been directly inserting the data into the the DICOMWorkList table via Mirth and a sql insert.

    will the lua script be called if I'm doing it that way?

    Again thanks in advance. I know it's not necessarily designed to work this way and I very much appreciate your assistance.

    Mr Johnathan Bravo

    Does dgate or the worklist within have the ability to generate a StudyUID. I have a RIS that doesn't generate them and an MR that's requiring a StudyUID before it will accept the worklist entries. I know historically this has been a RIS/PACS function but wasn't sure if dgate could generate the StudyUID.

    Thanks for you time


    Thank you for the quick response
    however that form doesn't give me the same level of detail as is sent to the terminal when doing a

    dgate -v

    The above form gives me everything including the querys but only output to stdout. I would like to be able to peruse that data within the logfile itself.

    I have set debuglevel to 4 in dicom.ini

    have I missed something else?

    Thanks again for your assistance

    This may seem like a super simple question but no matter how I try I can't get the correct recipe.

    on linux how do I get the debuglog to go to a file. I just want to type something like

    dgate -v /tmp/filename

    or somesuch. The help file is a little obtuse on this point.

    alternatively I should be able start dgate and then later do a

    dgate --debuglog_on:/tmp/filename

    ??? because that form doesn't produce a file either

    Thanks in advance

    Mr Johnathan Bravo