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    Hi! I've unpacked and seems to successfully started ConQuest. And have such log:

    [CONQUESTSRV1] DGATE (1.5.0c, build Sat Jul 01 21:22:07 2023, bits 64) is running as threaded server

    [CONQUESTSRV1] Database type: built-in SQLite driver

    [CONQUESTSRV1] User interface test: local server is running!

    [CONQUESTSRV1] 07/01/23 23:02:43: Ladle web server v0.1.2 (c) 2008 S Saint-Pettersen (c) 2015 D Rempel

    [CONQUESTSRV1] 07/01/23 23:02:43: Serving on *:8086

    [CONQUESTSRV1] timeout

    [CONQUESTSRV1] 07/01/23 23:03:00: Newlines (\r\n) not found in request:

    [CONQUESTSRV1] timeout

    [CONQUESTSRV1] 07/01/23 23:03:05: Newlines (\r\n) not found in request:

    I've tryied to open WEB interface at

    But have no any usable content here.

    How it possible to open WEB interface of the storage?

    Another question. Does the DicomWEB works on the storage? And what port is it using? I've installed the Weases viewer and want to connect it to the Conquest storage.