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    Hello and greetings from Bremen,

    My MRI (Philips Intera) recently sends small dcm files 3kb size within every Image series. These files are a problem for some PACS systems of my partners so I1d like to get rid of them...

    Is there a filter for the dicom.ini that I could use at the In-Port or when I auto-transfer files from my first to the socnd conquest server that could SKIP these files smaller than x kb???


    B. Schwarze


    I just had to change the CD Burner in my older WIN 7 ultimate System. The CD Burner is connested by SATA and the same way like the Burner installed before this one.
    The Problem is that the time for burning a CD has dramatically increased!!!

    The Burner itself works good with XPBurner, 48x speed is the result here.

    It is a Samsung S-ATA SH 224 (model SH-224GB/RSMS) FW= SB00

    any idea would be welcome....

    B. Schwarze

    IQ View works with the Knee MRI examination but not with an MRI of the LWS in our case. I also have to activat the "next multiframe button" every time i change the view?
    In LWS images it works not in the transversal and not in the sagittal images...

    You are right,

    I mean MR Image Storage vs. Enhanced MR Image Storage, meaning single-frame images vs. multi-frame images. This was a problem some years ago so we changed to single-frame and it worked fine. I can see in conquest that the images really are transferred as single images, not as one big file, so that seems to be ok.
    And kpacs shows really different image Nr in compare to the philips viewer or in compare to the MiniViewer mentioned above.

    I`ll give IQ-View a try BUT how much newer is the last release?


    I have tried the "enhanced DICOM" from the MRI and now we are using again the "normal DICOM" transfer / DICOM output from MRI to conquest server and then the KPACS loads the images by query from the conquest

    I could send you some compressed and anonym Dicom data if this would help :)



    many years we are using KPACS 1.6 for MRI studies,

    Now there is a new MRI, Philips dstream and we have big problems scrolling the images in correct order... Sometimes, different by the acquisition of the MRI series everything is ok BUT other series the image jumps from 1 to 6to 11 and then to 2 to 7 to 12 and then to 3 to 8 to 12 (this is only an example)

    The philips software itself scolls correct and the MiniViewer by ConVis (very old version) does it also correct??!

    Any idea?

    Bremen, GermaNY

    It works!!

    Image could be stored in Conquest and transferred to hospital PACS.
    I first had to update conquest to 1.4.17, it was a 1.4.15... than deactivatet "dicomcheck" and image transfer from kpacs to conquest is fine!

    thanks, Björn

    I missed to tell you one other important thing,

    This DICOM data can easy be viewed with the kpacs, this can also store the data BUT can not transmit it to conquest or the PACS of the hospital (ashvins).

    A really fast reply! Thank you!

    I'll try this later to day at work and will give you a feedback.
    Is there any idea how I could find the fault in the foreign DICOM files, any software that could detect this?

    Thank you, Björn

    Hello from Bremen,

    I have a problem importing DICOM Data from another Radiology Department (CT / MRI), the message in Conquest is

    "encountered an invalid group order during load of dcm file after 53495f4f"

    any idea what i could do next or what´s the exact problem with the files?

    thanks, B. Schwarze

    Greetings from Bremen,

    I had the same problem with my Conquest server and the 3 vitrea Workstations we use. The problem was a wrong port entry (default 3003 but in reality 3002) AND the main problem was the correct entry in ACR Nema map: NOT "Vitrea2_O" but "VITREA2_O" in our example...

    That solved our problem and it works fine.

    B. Schwarze

    So, I`m back on work...

    Seems that any thing was wrong last time "regen"... this morning after only 8h everything is done AND works fine! :D

    But I`m not so good in counting images... the Indexing Process says I have 10.347.770 records, somothinmg more than I thought. The dicomimages .dbf is 1.537.675 KB.

    So Marcel, if there should be anything interesting for you even if it`s working again, please send email or post again
    Thanks again for your very fast reply!!!


    With the 1200 factor and my 1 Million images the dicomimages.dbf should be a really big file shouldn`t it?

    I had only 40GB of free space on that device, could that be a part of the problem :D



    so it will be a little bit more than 1 million images, that should work.

    the last re-initialize didn`t work. Just after it was completed, i couldn`t query the old images, only the new one that came in after re-initialize started. Now the "regen" process is running again...

    this is the first time i have this problem, every time before i did this it worked really fine (older version of conquest, did just the update...). Could it be a problem of the newer version?

    thanks again, Björn

    Hello Marcel,

    it just finished re-initialize :mrgreen:

    So do you mean i should change the settings in dicom.ini (it`s now IndexDBF = 1) to something a little bit higher and can I see how many images i have?



    Hello and greetings from Bremen

    I have a little problem with re-initializing my Database. I use the integrated Database of conquest 1.4.14 without compression.

    The re-initalizing prozess uses only 1 of 8 Processors and this one is running nearly 100% so it takes a really long time (420GB of images (all MRI)) and the process is working since friday 15:00. Now its Monday and 12:00...

    any idea how to make dgate use the rest of the servers cpus?




    no one out there using K-PACS with primera or other Disc-Burning / Printing Tool?

    Does anyone know a free Tool to install on the PC that controlls the Primera to use this as a dicom modality?

    with best regards, B. Schwarze