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    I´ve got it!!! You have to run kpserver-nt-service.exe in the KPacs-directory and not kpserver.exe

    C:\KPacs\K-Pacs-Server>kpserver-nt-service.exe /IA
    KPServer - (c) 2005 by Image Information Systems ltd.-

    Attempting to install "KPServer" as an autostart service
    "KPServer" was successfully installed

    Okay, that´s it

    If You can read, it is advantageous!!!! :wink:

    Hello everyone out there,

    I´ve tried to start kpserver.exe as service (cmd > c:\KPacs\K-Pacs-Server\kpserver.exe /IA) but i´ve got the Errormessage:

    IQ-View Server based on OFFIS DCMTK StoreSCP, IMAGE Information Systems ltd, all rights reserved

    storescp: DICOM storage (C-STORE) SCP
    error: Invalid parameter value /IA

    Did I make a mistake?

    Even with the NT Resource Kit (instsrv.exe and srvany.exe [theWindows way to make a Programm act like a service]) there comes an Errormessage.

    What´s wrong?

    Gruß, Bommy

    Hello Andreas,

    i?ve got another problem with a CD. (':oops:')

    It opens with Itz Medicom viewer. The Studydescription is: Coronarangiografie. The Description is only viewable in Kpacs, not in the Itz-viewer.

    To import, I open ?Filesystem? and klick on CD. The Question from Kpacs: I?ve found DICOM Data, I confirmed with yes and no. Kpacs scanned the Images and I see the CD-Symbol. Then I klick on `Load in` and the Images are in local Imagebox. When I will modify them, DICOM-box opens, I change data and klick ok. Kpacs is doing something, but when finished it looks like nothing happens. When I will transfer them, I get the message: sending files in progress. After a while, I get the message: transfer failed. (I think the Series?s will not be send, cause the AGFA Server give?s me no error message)

    There is no directory on CD. The Images are in the rootdirectory of the CD and looks like
    XA002 etc

    When I open the Itz-viewer, I can see them all. With a klick on one of them, it starts a film.

    I don?t know, how I can put them in our AGFA Pacs.
    Maybe I must depacketise every Study in several Images? But how?

    Best regards, any many thanks for an answer,


    Hello Andreas,

    i`ve got a problem by importing Images from a CD.

    When I start the CD, there appears a Logo from Di X ? Ray.

    There are two directories on CD; dpic and patpic.

    In dpic are a lot of bmp-files. When I open them with irfanview, or the Import Button in Kpacs, you see only a part of a body ( an ear, or a finger, or something like this) and that they are all might be drawing with a pencil on a white paper. It seems that they are only templates, cause when you will put them together, you will see the whole body of a woman and a man.

    In patpic it seems, that there is the picture. The file is: 13869654.06r .
    But Kpacs can?t open it, to import the file.

    When I let start the CD automaticly, the viewer from CD appears and I can view the Image. It looks like the Image was scanned from a Film in another Hospital.

    I hope these Informations will be enough for you. Please, can you help me?

    Best regards from a bicycle driving (Centurion ?Alpe d`huez? 26?) PACS-Admin and thank you.