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    I am able to run this query directly into PostgresSQL sql tool and able to insert data fine. and also checked conquest database on PostgresSQL has encoding as UTF8. But conquest throwing out below error while receiving this data via conquest dicom server .Kindly check this and let us know how to fix this. Series Description value having exponential chars.

    [CONQUESTSRV1] ***Failed PGSQLExec : INSERT INTO DICOMSeries (SeriesInst, SeriesNumb, SeriesDate, SeriesTime, SeriesDesc, Modality, PatientPos, Manufactur, ModelName, BodyPartEx, ProtocolNa, StationNam, Institutio, FrameOfRef, SeriesPat, StudyInsta, AccessTime) VALUES ('1.2.840.113619.2.80.2406025060.23062.1552663959.28.13.2', '551', '20190315', '103003', 'ADC (10^-6 mm²/s):Mar 15 2019 10-32-39 CDT', 'MR', 'HFS', 'TEST SYSTEMS', 'TEST', 'HEAD', 'Brain MS', 'TESTMR', 'Test MRI', '1.2.840.113619.2.408.5554020.6883172.15624.1552656627.957', 'O0000678', '', 1553066728)

    [CONQUESTSRV1] ***Error: ERROR: invalid byte sequence for encoding "UTF8": 0xb2

    [CONQUESTSRV1] ***Unable to DB.Add()