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    Hi Marcel,
    When starting Windows GUI and answering NO to the question regarding "continue export or no" the file is not deleted and the NO answer is ignored. Must stop the dgate server and delete the file manually.

    I had the same problem but solved it by editing dgatesop.lst: just put comment sign # on the line below so it looks like this:
    #JPEGExtended2and4 1.2.840.10008. transfer LittleEndianExplicit
    This will tell conquest not to accept j2 compressed files so j1 will be used for transfer without re-compression.


    What is the best way to send images to more than one location if I want to give a priority to a certain location? For example I want to sent images to server1 first, and only after nothing is in the queue, start/continue to send images to server2. "Defer" does not allow me to use that idle time when server has nothing to transfer.

    Thank you.

    Found that 16-bit (CR) images are not get successfully retrieved or pushed to Kpacs (J1 or un), US images are fine. Using external compression (not to forget to copy DCMJPEG from 1415 package) solves the problem. Sending to another conquest works OK but sometimes even if the image file got copied (file size is correct), I get an error message ***[DecompressJPEGL]: No jpeg data found, ***[DecompressImage]: JPEG library decompression error. Deleting the series and retrieve again solves the problem. Tried with h and i versions. Looks like even if there are no errors in the log file the image transfer somehow did not finish completely.
    Thank you.

    Kpacs does not support vewing SR (spent a lot of time trying to figure out what is wrong with generated SR until looked at them in iQview and everything worked), only commercial version iQview does. Install iQView trial and see if it works.

    This issue was supposed to be solved in iQview, at least that is what one of the latest version "what's new" saying. Try another free software for loops, k-pacs isn't good for it.

    When trying to retrieve images, K-Pacs server has to be in uncompressed mode to function properly. Using Jpeg loss or lossless option does not work. No useful info in a debug, Conquest tells me only that k-pacs did not accept the connection. Any known workaround for these issues except Virtual PC? Thanks.

    Another problem with Win 7 64-bit. When Viewer is up there is nothing on the TAB. It makes search for other studies that belong to the patient impossible. Having more than 2 tabs with different patients also makes switching between them problematic because you do not know where that particular study is. Any known workaround for these issues except Virtual PC? Thanks.

    There was a post in announcement section some time ago:
    iQ-View only: - Introduction of an API DLL to remotly control iQ-View from another application (like HIS/RIS).
    I was trying to find any information about available functions and instructions about how to use API but could not find it neither in a manual nor in the forum. Does it exist or the only way to control viewer is to use command line option? Also the manual advises to use GDT/BDT Interface. Can you post a link to get more info on structure of the file or post a sample file in a forum.
    Thank you.

    You can use a conquest feature to replace information in headers by using WorklistMode = 1 in dicom.ini Just put Ref.Physician name in the worklist and make sure the study has correct accession number before you send it to conquest, otherwise it will replace everything the worklist record has including patient name, patient ID, etc.

    Usually it happens when file "" in conquest setup folder does not have that workstation listed. It will send images to listed stations/IP only, but will reply to database query from any station. To fix it make sure entries in exist and IPs are correct. Remember that many workstations may have IP dynamically assigned but you need static IPs.

    There are two small problems with suggested method. First - it will take extra time, second - you are modifying headers of original CR's which is considering the human nature (we all do make mistakes from time to time) is not a safe solution. Imagine if by accident Patient ID will be changed instead of series. It would be nice to have such option in .ini file but I know it will require some extra programming.

    I noticed that when I am attaching the image to the study using import "SC" - one series - it will assign series #91. Is it possible to change this? We have a CR with images having series #1000 and up and radiologists want to have attached images to appear after the CR. I believe the k-pacs viewer sort images based on series and that is why attached images appear before the actual CRs. Our CR machine support people do not know how to change the series from 1000 to 1 so no help from there.
    Thank you.


    I could help by posting files on my server (US/Canada). The download page in Russia now tells me that:
    Download traffic from Russia is less than from other contries, please click here to visit our sponsors and download.... It did not work and was trying to run some ActiveX. Please send me email with files zipped into archive and I will post the link for download in the forum. My email: compumagus at hotmail com. Thank you, Alex.