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    Would this fix the errors I am getting here...

    [SRV1452] UPACS THREAD 37: STARTED AT: Fri Aug 15 12:20:04 2008
    [SRV1452] Calling Application Title : "1452CARM "
    [SRV1452] Called Application Title : "SRV1452 "
    [SRV1452] Application Context : "1.2.840.10008."
    [SRV1452] Presentation Context 0 "1.2.840.10008."
    [SRV1452] Presentation Context 1 "1.2.840.10008."
    [SRV1452] [recompress]: recompressed with mode = j3 (strip=0)
    [SRV1452] ***Refused to enter inconsistent link PatientID into DICOMStudies: PatientID = 'TOR 1000021' StudyInsta = '', Old='TOR 1000020', Refused='TOR 1000021'
    [SRV1452] ***Error saving to SQL: MONROY__MARIA\
    When the server window is closed there is also a database error pop up window...

    Database connection failed.
    ErrorMessage=Unspecified error
    Description=[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][DBNETLIB]SQL Server does not exist or access denied.

    Any help would be great,