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    I am keen to use this new release with DICOMweb as I want to use for AI training with monai label and 3dslicer.

    My system is Kubuntu 22.10 and I found a couple of problems while trying to use Ladel server. I downloaded by cloning the git repository

    1. The file lua/JSON.lua needs to be renamed to lua/json.lua

    2. All the urls contain dgate.exe eg…match=&patientnamematch=*

    They work when the .exe is removed.

    Any suggestions on how to fix it?


    I want to thank Marcel and his collaborators for creating such a useful program.

    I am replacing a server I setup in 2008 for a nuclear medicine practice that has worked with minimal maintenance until last month when one of the mirrored HDDs failed. In that time I added network storage but it was still running 1.4.14.

    The new system is a HP microserver running debian and raid 10.