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    Seems to be using the correct port, we will re-check with a pinnacle rep. Some errors i have noticed and unsure if related are:

    ***SQLITEExec error: index mods_joint already exists, and

    Inconsistent StudyModal in DICOMStudies: PatientID = '*****' StudyInsta = '*****', Old='RTSTRUCT', New='RTPLAN\RTSTRUCT'


    Checked the firewall and all ok. I have noticed that when I use other applications to send the pinnacle files to Conquest then Conquest seems to deal with the files ok. When exporting from Pinnacle it just doesn't do anything, no activity on Conquest at all. Strange? It is like Pinnacle is doing something on export.

    Yep, enabled the Explicit and JPEG transfers. When I send pinnacle rtplan and rtstructure files via dcmtree it works ok, just the export from Pinnacle isn't working. It seems set up ok to export from Pinnacle, perhaps it is an issue on Pinnacle side of things, but just wanted to check if there are issues with v16. TIA.

    Hello. Are there known problems with sending from Pinnacle 16.0? I try to send to Conquest Dicom and it cannot open an association with it. Using OMP, DCMtree all work when sending to Conquest Dicom. I have played around with the Dgatesop but to no avail.

    Any help would be massively appreciated. TIA.